The Newest Soup Kitchen in Phoenix

Our goal is to provide 200 meals per day which includes breakfast and lunch. That translates to 1000 meals per week: Monday – Friday

Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of The Burnidge Soup Kitchen is to feed the least, lost and last in our community by providing them with healthy and nutritious meals and the undiluted word of God that will help improve their quality of life physically and spiritually. 

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The Vision

The Burnidge Soup Kitchen is very intentional about providing meals for the least, last and lost in our community and this is the driving force that is inspired and extended from the Victory Community Church’s Cliché…WHERE EVERYONE IS CALLED TO SERVE.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reach people in the community who have been forgotten and overlooked with regular nutritious meals and The Word of God that will help improve their health and spiritual needs. 

Our hope is that The Burnidge Soup Kitchen will be a platform that offers numerous opportunities that help us reach children and adults not only with food but with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The volunteers and servers who work in the Kitchen will have the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ, their testimony, and others to hopefully inspire, uplift the hopeless and eventually win them over to the body of Christ.

Our Facilities