Meal Programs

Meal Services and Programs

At The Burnidge Soup Kitchen At The Burnidge Soup Kitchen, our mission is to provide nourishing meals, create a welcoming community, and offer additional support through special programs. Here's a glimpse into the heart of what we offer:

Types of Meals Served

Nutritious Daily Offerings

Start your day right with a wholesome breakfast, served [Mon –
Fri; 9am – 1pm].

Our hearty lunches are prepared with care and served
[Mon – Fri; 9am – 1pm].

Ready to help us

Spiritual Support & Community Fellowship

Engage in moments of reflection, prayer, and community fellowship

Open to all who seek a spiritual connection. Our partners, church on the street and Victory Community Church provide spiritual guidance and support for those in need. We are available during [Mon – Fri; 9am – 1pm] or by appointment