Local Partner Organizations

A Network of Compassion

St. Mary's Food Bank

St. Mary’s Food Bank stands as a cornerstone of our operations, providing
an incredible amount of our food items and ingredients to our kitchen.
Their steadfast commitment to fighting hunger empowers us to create
nourishing meals for those in need.

Circle the City

Circle the City’s medical support ensures the holistic well-being of the
members in need of our community. Their dedication to providing
healthcare services aligns seamlessly with our vision of comprehensive

Dream Center

Dream Center’s generous physical donations and the provision of a
dedicated network significantly enhance our capacity to serve. Their
multifaceted support reflects a commitment to addressing both material
and human needs.

Church on the Street

Church on the Street offers invaluable spiritual support, fostering a sense
of community and solace. Their commitment goes beyond tangible
assistance, contributing to the emotional and spiritual well-being of those
we serve.

Scottsdale Bible Church

Scottsdale Bible Church donations play a crucial role in
diversifying our offerings and ensuring that we meet the varying dietary
needs of our community. Their generosity creates a more inclusive and
supportive environment.

Victory Community Church

Victory Community Church is a dynamic force of support, offering spiritual
guidance, material donations, financial contributions, and a network of
volunteers. Their comprehensive involvement has a profound impact on
our ability to serve the community effectively.

Join Us in Building Community

Your Support Matters

Whether you're a partner, donor, volunteer, or part of our local network, your involvement is an integral part of our story. We invite others to join this collective effort, where every contribution, no matter how big or small, has a lasting impact.