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Guiding Hearts with Compassion and God's Word

Pastors Ron & Walt

At Burnidge Soup Kitchen, we are privileged to shine a spotlight on two exceptional individuals whose dedication and compassion have become a beacon of hope for our friends in need. Pastors Ron and Walt from Church on the Street are not just volunteers; they are daily purveyors of kindness, delivering more than meals to our community

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A Pillar of Support and Encouragement

Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron, with his warm smile and compassionate heart, embodies the spirit of community service. Every day, he dedicates his time to ensuring that our friends in need are not only transported to the soup kitchen but also welcomed with open arms and words of encouragement.

Guiding with God's Word

Beyond the physical journey, Pastor Ron carries the undiluted word of God, offering spiritual nourishment to those seeking solace. His commitment goes beyond providing a ride; it extends to leading our friends back to God, filling their hearts with hope and the promises found in scripture.

Daily Acts of Kindness

Pastor Ron's daily acts of kindness, from ensuring safe transportation to sharing the transformative power of faith, create a ripple effect of positivity in the lives of those we serve. His unwavering dedication reflects a genuine concern for the well-being of our community.


Creating a Spiritual Oasis at Burnidge Soup Kitchen

The collaboration of Pastors Ron and Walt from Church on the Street is a testament to the power of community and spirituality in transforming lives. Their daily efforts create a spiritual oasis within the soup kitchen, offering not only physical sustenance but also a nurturing environment for the soul. As we celebrate Pastors Ron and Walt in this Volunteer Spotlight, we extend our deepest gratitude for their extraordinary contributions. Their commitment to guiding hearts with compassion and God's Word is an inspiration to us all, and their impact reaches far beyond the walls of Burnidge Soup Kitchen.
A Source of Spiritual Guidance and Empowerment

Pastor Walt

Pastor Walt, a true ambassador of God's love, brings spiritual guidance and empowerment to our friends in need. His presence at Burnidge Soup Kitchen is not just a service; it's a ministry of compassion and upliftment.

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Pastor Walt contributes to feeding our friends with the undiluted Word of God. His words are not only a source of comfort but also a beacon that leads individuals on a path of spiritual rediscovery. Through scripture, he shares God's promises and offers words of encouragement that resonate deeply.

Leading Back to God

Pastor Walt's mission is clear – to lead hearts back to God. His messages inspire a sense of purpose, instill hope, and remind our friends that they are seen, heard, and valued. His commitment to spiritual mentorship extends beyond the kitchen, creating lasting connections with those he serves.